In honor of World Breast Feeding Week I’d like to take a moment and applaud you momma’s who weren’t able to breast feed. You’ve worked hard and did the best for your children, you have not failed, you have not shamed motherhood, and you have not given up. You did the best that you could do in that moment and that is the RIGHT thing to do. Either way, boob or bottle we feed our children. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that. And as you can see from the picture above of my kids, they are way beyond healthy 🙂

The competitions between Mothers need to stop, the judging needs to stop. You don’t know the story of why that mom nurses without a cover, it could be because her child hates it, or her child absolutely refuses to take a bottle. And you don’t know the story of why that mom is using formula. It could be she wasn’t able to produce despite what remedies midwives and consultants tried.

My story is I wasn’t able to nurse both my kids. I was ashamed with my first born, I felt like I failed as a mother. I couldn’t feed my child the way that nature intended. We saw multiple consultants, did all the supplements, did EBF and I thought he was getting fed. Until we took him to the Dr. and his pee was bright orange. He was dehydrated and I had no idea. I heard the words that I never wanted to hear and I had to put him on a high calorie formula to have him gain weight. As soon as Seth got a hold of that bottle he gulped down the milk as if he was starving.

Things were going great until about month 4 when he started vomiting after every meal… we tried COUNTLESS formulas, many remedies and I finally just gave up and took him to our Naturopath. She didn’t even have to examine him, all she said was he has a milk protein allergy. She could tell by the eczema, the cradle cap, and how he refused to eat. I thought it was all natural baby stuff when it was all outer symptoms of the milk intolerance. We left with a goat’s milk formula recipe. It looked SO daunting. All these ingredients and I was responsible for making it right. I got home; Jase and I ran over to the local Sprouts and got all of the ingredients. Since then we’ve never had a throwing up problem, or stomach cramps. It was miracle milk.

Side note: did you know that goat’s milk formula is almost identical to breast milk? They are so close nutritionally it’s pretty awesome

Things were different with Emerson. With Emerson she was born at 36 weeks due to my medical conditions I had with her being pregnant. (Cholestasis, gestational diabetes – that was due to my RA steroids keeping my pain level down, Placenta Previa, and bed rest at 26 weeks on because of pre-term labor.)  So if you can imagine everything going wrong, I had it, but my daughter was healthy and safe so it didn’t matter.

At 36 weeks my c section was scheduled due to having a previous emergency C-section with Seth and being that my kids are 13 months apart I had to have another one. We found out when Emmy was born she was breeched and had the umbilical cord wrapped around her neck 3 times. She was immediately rushed to the NICU I barely saw her. I had no idea what she looked like. My husband followed her and I had to wait until they were done with me so I could see my baby. Em had respiratory distress, couldn’t be held, and was only eating out of a tube in her mouth or up her nose. We couldn’t hold our newborn until 24 hours later. Even then she still had the CPAP machine on her so I couldn’t even see what she looked like. When we left the hospital we left with no baby…she was there for a week learning how to eat and breathe on her own. We were there by her side as much as we could.

When her weight started declining they had to put her on a high calorie  formula for preemies to help gain her weight back. She was released to come home and we had no problems with the formula until again about month 3-4. I automatically switched her to goat’s milk and I’ve had nothing but a happy baby since.

I’ve recommended this formula to many mothers that have asked me for help. I can’t even count how many I have helped now. But if I can speak for them, they haven’t had any other problems with their kid’s bellies.

So with that being my story, I don’t feel like I failed. I’m feeding my kids the best way I can and for some people breast isn’t always best. Don’t let Breast Feeding Week make you feel like a failed mother, don’t let it define who you are, and don’t let it shame you. You are a wonderful human being who does nothing but right for her children. Feed your baby proudly no matter what you use.

If you have any questions about anything please feel free to ask, I’m not a Dr. But I’d be happy to help as much as I can.

To see what recipe I used click here: