“Go to the depths of God’s promise, and claim whatsoever you will; The blessing Of God will not fail you, His Word He will surely fulfil. How can God say no to something He has promised?”          – Charles H. Spurgeon

For the past year and a half we’ve been praying about what the Lord wants for our family. If where we are is where God has us, and if Phoenix is our forever home. It’s been a long road of tries, failures, contentment, patients, and frustration. But these past 2 months have been nothing but pure joy.  Why you ask? Our prayers have been answered.

We went out to California to see my family for a weekend. We were really itching to get the kiddos to the beach and on the first chance we had we packed up and left for the weekend. Well the beach was great, Seth loved the water and the atmosphere exhausted our little one out. Emerson stayed behind with my parents and had a blast there.

The next day Jase and I went on a date. Now most people have their family close they are able to drop off their kids at their in-laws homes and enjoy their night. Jase and I don’t have that. We have wonderful amazing friends that watch our children, but nothing compares to the joy of dropping off your kids at their grandparents home. If you have that close by, hold it dear. It’s truly a blessing.

We didn’t know what to do really. So from the little town of where my parents live we drove south to Murrieta. With that said we stopped at our old college, grabbed a cup of coffee and talked. Those are the best dates with him. Talking. The subject came up of where God wants us, is it still Phoenix? Is it somewhere else? And as we were walking to the car it hit us… we are supposed to be “here”.  Here meant the Bible College. Here meant California. Where I have been praying for 3 years to bring us back to, but I had NO clue that it would mean the Bible College.

On our 5 hour car ride home we dreamt and joked about how cool it would be how insane it sounds and why. But when we got home doors started opening, and it was as if we couldn’t walk through them fast enough. We took a leap of faith, put in an application and waited. In that time we were leaving for vacation to Ocean City, New Jersey so we had a distraction…so we thought. We wound up getting a phone call saying there is a position available and if we wanted it, it was ours. But we decided to do a 24 hour road trip and meet face to face about the position. We got back from vacation the 13th which was a Sunday night. That Thursday we packed and headed back to CCBC praying this was what we were supposed to do. We met bright and early, and we left with a job. That night we came back to Phoenix and waited. We waited patiently…mostly impatiently, for a month. Those were the longest 4 weeks of our lives. Not knowing if housing was going to fall through we took another leap of faith and put our notice in for our apartment. That’s when it became real; we had our home on the line. If the Lord closed the door we had to figure something out.  Again, we waited. Yesterday we got our answer:

We, the Feeser family will be moving to Murrieta, California August 29. We will be living and serving on campus in whatever needs the college has for us to do. We will be trading in our 3 bedroom 2 bathroom apartment to a dorm room with a bathroom, trading in our kitchen, for a cafeteria, and well trading 115 degree weather for well, not 115. All this with two children under the age of 2. Some will think we are crazy, some won’t understand but The Lord promised this to us that day we had our date.

This is something we have to do. We will miss all of our friends; we will miss our church family. We are leaving with the support from those close to us, and most of all the support from our Pastor Mark Martin we wouldn’t be able to do this without you. It is bittersweet for everyone; we are leaving with heavy hearts. But all we ask is for you to be praying for our family as we are being sent on this mission and pray for the students on campus to learn more than they expected.

We will be posting about a “see-ya-soon” party with in the next week. So, I hope you all will be available to come. Thank you so much for loving our family, and for being there every step of the way.

And here you thought I was pregnant again. 😉

“He has given us His very great and precious promises” 2 Peter 1:4

Love, The Feeser’s