We have been in California a little over a week now. And life has been absolutely insane. We packed up our entire house in 48 hours, drove 1 truck and 2 cars from Phoenix to Murrieta, California. A drive that normally takes us 4-5 hours took us longer than 6 with a moving truck…oh and having two babies to stop for as well.



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We left Phoenix close to 11am and with all the stops we wound up on the Bible College campus around 8pm. All of us were exhausted, unpacked the essentials (aka bed and cribs), knocked out for the night and hit the ground running early the next morning. My Mother-in-Law and I had the fun job of getting things to decorate, while the men were home D.I.Y-ing our 300 sqft room.

Yes, I said 300 sqft. room. All 4 of us in ONE room.

This is the before picture…Once my kids are up… there will be an after one. 


With that, my husband and Father-in-law made probably the best canopy/wall partition ever. Who needs Pintrest when I have them?! It’s seriously the easiest thing to make, under $100 and looks super cute without ruining your walls. (Tutorial to come later)


The week started to look good; until I was out shopping with my MIL and I received a text message from my husband…our son had gotten sick everywhere. We quickly rushed home, and sure enough… a stomach bug. First I gave him coconut water for electrolytes, and then rubbed digestZen, ONguard and Lavender essential oils all over his stomach, feet and head. His symptoms started to decrease until that night…that night I was the one getting sick. And that morning? My husband… the only 3 people who did not get sick was my in-laws and our 6 month old daughter. Thank God. As soon as I got home to take over for Seth I started rubbing cold/flu bomb 2 times a day on Emerson’s chest, back and feet and I believe it’s what saved her from getting sick… Jase had to start work Tuesday morning and we were praying he was going to feel better by then. And finally the bug passed and our home is now completely germ free. That was the first couple days of being here on campus. you can’t tell in this picture. but they were both really sick that day 😦 


We are finally getting adjusted to life here. It’s definitely different being here with a family than it was when Jase and I were here as students. Meals are at certain times, mail can only be checked certain days, and there are new faces everywhere. The kids love being outside compared to Phoenix. Seth’s definitely getting all of his energy out daily but it has been a huge transition for all of us. There is no more eating whenever we feel like having dinner haha! But we are all getting though it! There is so much to be a part of here on campus we can’t wait to start getting involved!


We miss our Phoenix friends, but we are loving life out here in California. Having my parents 30 minutes away is a major plus. I’m still getting used to being able to see them whenever we want!

More to come! 

Always, Alyssa

DoTerra oils: https://store.do-essential-oils.com/?gclid=CO-pj_S70sACFQ-DfgodmY4AV  

Cold/flu bomb recipe: http://chicagoessentials.com/post/64137903601/cold-and-flu-bombs