It’s the New Year! I can’t believe it went by THAT fast.

It was first our son Seth’s 2nd birthday… I officially have a 2 year old. Before we left for Christmas vacation we had a small party for him. I’m still in shock I can have conversations with him. but look how cute he is: 106

We had a wonderful Christmas with my husband’s family up in Pennsylvania. I forget each time we go how beautiful that state is. It was very busy being up that way filled with family and friends! But most of all my wonderful sister-in-law got engaged while we were there! And my best friend got engaged days before! Yay for weddings! It was a very, very exciting time for all of us. Now it’s planning time! It was also my husbands Birthday on New Years! I made a surprise dinner with my mother-in-law, got the kiddos down, and we longed for midnight to come so we could finally sleep haha.


With Christmas came colds and flus…that was the bummer. It started with my Father-in-law and a downward spiral after that…yes, that means my kids got it and my husband who “never gets sick” caught it as well. We were supposed to leave PA on December 28th…we didn’t leave until January 2nd because everyone was so sick. Everyone had fevers, and coughs, it was horrible. I was the only one who didn’t get sick surprisingly. And I have multiple auto-immune diseases I was for sure thinking I’d be the first one sick! But with a strict protocol of Oregano oil and cold/flu bomb I was not going to get sick. It’s amazing what Essential oils can do really.

The flight home was long…the same amount of time as it took to get there but it really felt like an eternity. Emerson spiked a fever and Seth could NOT get comfortable on the Red-eye flight home. We finally rolled up to our house about 3am. Thinking they’d fall asleep perfectly we were wrong.. we maybe all got about 2 hours of sleep and my loving husband had to work that day. It was definitely a long trip home, but it was SO worth it. We had SO much fun in PA, even though the last days everyone was extremely ill we loved being there. We all wished and hoped for a white Christmas but of course that happened the day after we left. Boo.


Everyone is feeling much better. With cold/flu bomb every hour to sipping on oregano oil we have all beat this terrible cold for good! Now we are back to regular life and just like that Christmas is over.

With the New Year was a chance for me to break out of my shell. My little introverted shell. I decided to do what I never thought I’d do because it puts me on the spot, but I became an affiliate with Spark Natural Essential oils. Whew. I said it. Not only is it a chance for me to share what I’m doing, but it gives me a chance to do what I love. And that’s helping people.

If you are interested in learning about oils, or need to stock up on your supply feel free to use this coupon code:”  alyssa “ and receive 10% off! Just click the link and happy shopping! I’ll post more about how I use essential oils daily on the next blog.