Today I was very overwhelmed just thinking that my little “baby”, our last baby will be ONE. Today more than most days I found my-self saying to people, “Seth’s two and Emerson will be one next month…” But I think it finally sunk in.

Next month I will have two toddlers… I will have two walking, two talking and two wanting my attention every second of every day. And just like that, we don’t have babies anymore.


I really wouldn’t have it any other way. I love my kids more than words can explain.

Each day being pregnant with Emmy was a struggle. It was a new battle every morning and a fight to keep her “safe” in my womb. I say “safe” that way because the condition I had while pregnant with both of my kids definitely could have had them in heaven with the Lord any minute while in my tummy. She was born at 36 weeks and spent a week in the NICU…hardest week of our lives. (more on that on her birthday!)


 In hard days it’s definitely not the first thing I go to in being thankful…trust me… those days I want to run and hide and be back in 20 minutes because I missed them terribly. But today for some reason I was overwhelmed (in a good way) of how FAST my kids are growing up.

When I’m exhausted from being up all night with one or both my kids, or when I hear “all done mommy!” at 445 am, when hot coffee spills on me because my kids are trying to sit on my lap, or when I hear “read to me mommy” and then there’s a tantrum that lasts longer than I want, I am eternally thankful for each day that Jesus gives me to be their mother. I am forever thankful that my husband works his butt off so I have the privilege to stay home and not miss anything. (YES, I said privilege) and I’m thankful for when I am having a rough day, I want to pull my hair out, I want to run scream and cry all at the same time my kids see me when they wake up from a nap as if I am the BEST person in the world. I have zero fault in their eyes. To them I am a safe place.

And I can’t help but think of how Jesus uses parenting as a model of how He loves us. He is our safe place, He is our refuge, He finds zero fault in us. To Him we are the best thing that has ever walked this earth. It literally boggles my mind.

We are shaping humans, tiny baby humans to be adults…not when they turn 18 and we kick them out and say, “you’re and adult now” but right at this moment. When they are 2 and 1 years old we are raising them to be godly, honest, and loving adults. What we do now, how we raise them now molds their adult life…Crazy to think that right?

Today I encourage you moms that are having a rough day, week, month, or year take every moment with your children for granted, they are only this little once…

I’d like to thank JJ Heller for making me cry when this song came out son shuffle while cleaning and sparked this post lol.


(as I got done writing this my 2 hour time slot of “me time” was definitely shortened by and hour and a half. Thanks Emmy)